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20.03.2019 | Kick-off meeting | Bologna (Italy)
Hosted by: University of Bologna

The meeting aims at officially setting up the research team, distributing the tasks among the units, reviewing the rationale and the design of the project and discussing the preliminary scientific and administrative issues concerning the implementation of the action. In particular, the contents and the methodology of the first work package (‘Conceptual reconstruction of the theoretical research framework and clear definition of key concepts’) will be discussed into detail.

Downloadable presentations: IRel_Kickoff_presentation

17.07.2019 | 1st  Local Unity Event: Relazioni industriali, lavoro e innovazione nell’era digitale | Marco Biagi Foundation, Modena (Italy)
Hosted by: Marco Biagi Foundation, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

The meeting aims at disseminating the preliminary findings of the first stage of the research to the local stakeholders (students, social partners, practitioners and the academic community). It also offers the opportunity for the research team to engage in a discussion with some distinguished external scholars.

Programme: SeminarioIrel

Downloadable presentations:

Iacopo Senatori, Marco Biagi Foundation-University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Prestazione di lavoro, organizzazione e funzione normativa del contratto collettivo nell’impresa 4.0 . Senatori_17luglio

11.10.2019 | 1st International Workshop | Aahrus (Denmark): WP1 – ‘Conceptual Reconstruction of the Theoretical Research Framework and Clear Definition of Key Concepts’
Hosted by: Department of Law, Aarhus BSS

The conference marks the coming to an end of the first stage of our research, aimed at collecting and classifying the raw materials in each country on challenges for the social partners and industrial relations system in light of digitalization of work. The conference will be interactive, with presentations of national reports, discussion by scholars, and a roundtable where the stakeholders, i.e. representatives from the social partners at national and European level, as well as government take the floor. The format is interactive, and participants will be encouraged to engage.


Downloadable presentations: Presentation Aarhus Meeting IREL_IS_Aarhus_intro

2.10.2020-6.11.2020 | 2nd  Local Unity Event: Agile, remoto o smart? Prestazione di lavoro e organizzazioni digitali dopo la pandemia | Cycle of Webinars | Marco Biagi Foundation, Modena (Italy)
Hosted by: Marco Biagi Foundation, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

The cycle of webinars addresses some topical issues raised by the massive use of remote work in Italy as a measure to tackle the Covid-19 emergency and its effects on public health and the world of work. The discussion will focus on the legal, industrial relations and work organization perspectives and will try to shed light on crucial issues such as the effects of remote work enhanced by digital technologies on human dignity, the wellbeing of workers and the regulation of employment performed in virtual spaces.

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Modena 19-20.11.2020 | Cycle of webinars, Regulating Platform Work in Europe: Challenges and Perspectives for Legislators and Social Partners [ONLINE]

The widespread nature of platform work gives rise to numerous doubts and contradictions from a regulatory and political and trade union point of view. Moreover, this phenomenon is characterised by very different dynamics in a comparative perspective.
This cycle of webinars addresses the most problematic issues and the different and sometimes strongly contrasting approaches to this phenomenon in various EU countries. As demonstrated in the presentation of the national reports, realized by the project partners (Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Poland), the regulation of this complex phenomenon depends to a large extent on the national traditions of industrial relations, the peculiarities of the legislative systems, and the complex interplay between legislative and contractual regulation.
Platform work is now a hot topic in the European academic and political debate. The most crucial problems include terminological and conceptual clarity, the system of remuneration, the precarious nature of employment relations, and the right to representation and collective bargaining. These are only some of the points that were addressed by scholars and experts, the representatives of the social partners at various levels, both European (ETUC) and national (Italian Federation of Trade, Tourism and Services-CGIL, Riders Union Bologna), and representatives of the Government (Ministry of Labour).

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Modena 15.03.2021 | 3rd International workshop: From Telework to the Scattered Workplace. European Perspectives on Remote Working in a Post-Pandemic Scenario [ONLINE]

During the workshop, national reports on remote work were presented by the countries that are partners to the project: Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Poland. In addition, the issues emerging from the increasingly widespread use of remote working were examined, in relation to the adaptation of the world of work to the new needs arising from the pandemic, contributing to extensive debate at the European level. This debate has already been followed by initiatives aimed at the adoption of new regulations, such as the resolution of the European Parliament of 21 January 2021, containing recommendations to the European Commission on the rights of remote workers to disconnect.

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22.04.2021 | 4th International Workshop: Industry 4.0 [ONLINE]
Organized by: Institute for Labour Law of the University of Göttingen

The webinar addressed the challenges and possible solutions for regulatory systems and industrial relations with regard to robotization, data-driven management and all the phenomena encompassed under the “Industry 4.0” formula. It aimed at discussing the views of the national and European social partners on the issues at stake, and drawing insight from their experience on the ground.

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7.10.2021  | ONLINE WEBINAR  Litigation (Collective) Strategies to Protect Gig Workers’ Rights: A Comparative Perspective
Organized by: Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro in collaboration with the Marco Biagi Foundation

The webinar represents one of the numerous initiatives within the framework of the European project co-funded by the European Commission iRel. Smarter Industrial Relations to Address New Technological Challenges in the World of Work.

The webinar addresses the litigation strategies envisaged for the advancement of workers rights’ in the gig economy, adopting a comparative perspective. Particular attention is paid to such crucial issues as the definition of the employment relationship in platform work, aspects related to health and safety of gig-workers and comparison of the European and national policies in this regard.

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1.12.2021 | ONLINE WEBINAR – Past, Present, and Future of Remote Work in Central and Eastern Europe
Organized by: University of Lodz (Poland)

The international online webinar “Past, Present, and Future of Remote Work in Central and Eastern Europe” is organized by the University of Lodz (Poland) within the framework of the European project iRel, Smarter Industrial Relations to Address New Technological Challenges in the World of Work. It will take place on Wednesday, 1 December 2021 from 10.15 to 13.30 online (via MS Teams).

The webinar addresses recent developments of remote work in Eastern Europe as well as the role of new technologies and AI algorithms in the working environment and related emerging risks. Due to the participation of the international academic community and social partners these topics are discussed in a broader comparative perspective with the particular focus on the role of collective regulation.

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10.01.2022 | ONLINE WEBINAR – Regional Seminar: Industry 4.0. Hungarian and International Perspectives
Organized by: National Federation of Workers’ Councils, in cooperation with Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary (KRE), Faculty of Law (Department of Labour Law and Social Security) and the Georg-August-University Göttingen.

The event is bilingual (English and Hungarian) with simultaneous translation.

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24.02.2022 | ONLINE WEBINAR – IREL Final Conference: Smarter Industrial Relations to Address New Technological Challenges in the World of Work
Organized by: University of Lodz (Poland)

The conference represents a final initiative within the iRel project and will become a platform for summarising and exchanging experiences on new technological challenges in the world of work in the countries of Western and Central-Eastern Europe. Academic presentations will be followed by a round table discussion with the participation of the European and national social partners.

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