Work in progress

20.03.2019 | Kick-off meeting | Bologna (Italy)

Hosted by: University of Bologna


The meeting aims at officially setting up the research team, distributing the tasks among the units, reviewing the rationale and the design of the project and discussing the preliminary scientific and administrative issues concerning the implementation of the action. In particular, the contents and the methodology of the first work package (‘Conceptual reconstruction of the theoretical research framework and clear definition of key concepts’) will be discussed into detail.

Downloadable presentations: IRel_Kickoff_presentation


17.07.2019 | 1st  Local Unity Event: Relazioni industriali, lavoro e innovazione nell’era digitale | Marco Biagi Foundation, Modena (Italy)

Hosted by: Marco Biagi Foundation, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Description: The meeting aims at disseminating the preliminary findings of the first stage of the research to the local stakeholders (students, social partners, practitioners and the academic community). It also offers the opportunity for the research team to engage in a discussion with some distinguished external scholars.

Programme: SeminarioIrel

Downloadable presentations:

Iacopo Senatori, Marco Biagi Foundation-University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Prestazione di lavoro, organizzazione e funzione normativa del contratto collettivo nell’impresa 4.0 . Senatori_17luglio


11.10.2019 | 1st International Workshop | Aahrus (Denmark): WP1 – ‘Conceptual Reconstruction of the Theoretical Research Framework and Clear Definition of Key Concepts’

Hosted by: Department of Law, Aarhus BSS

Description: The conference marks the coming to an end of the first stage of our research, aimed at collecting and classifying the raw materials in each country on challenges for the social partners and industrial relations system in light of digitalization of work. The conference will be interactive, with presentations of national reports, discussion by scholars, and a roundtable where the stakeholders, i.e. representatives from the social partners at national and European level, as well as government take the floor. The format is interactive, and participants will be encouraged to engage.


Downloadable presentations: Presentation Aarhus Meeting IREL_IS_Aarhus_intro


18.03.2020 | 2nd International Workshop | Modena (Italy): WP2 – ‘Representing and Regulating Platform Work: Emerging Problems and Possible Solutions’

Hosted by: Marco Biagi Foundation, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Due to the precautions taken by the public health authorities, the workshop on ‘Platform Work’ scheduled for 18 March has been postponed to a date yet to be determined.

Description: The conference will present the findings of the second stage of our research, focused on platform work. The aim is twofold: elaborating on the challenges that new business models, based on the role of digital platforms in mediating and managing the work performance, pose om industrial relations; and discussing the solutions envisaged by policy makers and social partners.



25.06.2020 | 3rd International Workshop: WP3 – ‘Industry 4.0, Automation and Artificial Intelligence: the Effect on Employment and the Regulatory Role of Industrial Relations’

Hosted by: University of Göttingen (Germany)


11.2020/12.2020 (date to be determined) | 4th International Workshop: WP4 – ‘Working Beyond the Boundaries of Time and Space: “Smart Work” and its Impact on Employment Patterns and Industrial Relations’

Hosted by: Károli Gáspár University, Budapest (Hungary)


02.2021 (date to be determined) | Final International Conference

Hosted by: University of Lodz (Poland)