Second iRel International Workshop – Regulating Platform Work in Europe: Challenges and Perspectives for Legislators and Social Partners

19-20 November 2020, 4.30 pm (CET)

The widespread nature of platform work gives rise to numerous doubts and contradictions from a regulatory and political and trade union point of view. Moreover, this phenomenon is characterised by very different dynamics in a comparative perspective.

This cycle of webinars, one of the initiatives of the research project “iRel. Smarter Industrial Relations to Address New Technological Challenges in the World of Work” (, addresses the most problematic issues and the different and sometimes strongly contrasting approaches to this phenomenon in various EU countries. As demonstrated in the presentation of the national reports, realized by the project partners (Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Poland), the regulation of this complex phenomenon depends to a large extent on the national traditions of industrial relations, the peculiarities of the legislative systems, and the complex interplay between legislative and contractual regulation.

Platform work is now a hot topic in the European academic and political debate. The most crucial problems include terminological and conceptual clarity, the system of remuneration, the precarious nature of employment relations, and the right to representation and collective bargaining. These are only some of the points that will be addressed by scholars and experts, the representatives of the social partners at various levels, both European (ETUC) and national (Italian Federation of Trade, Tourism and Services-CGIL, Riders Union Bologna), and representatives of the Government (Ministry of Labour).

The recording of the meeting is available on the Fondazione Marco Biagi Youtube Channel.


The reports are available in the Archive section of our internet site.