Italy, Order to reclassify the working position of about 60.000 riders for the four main food delivery platforms.

In 2019, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office started an investigation aimed at  ascertaining, preliminarily, the legal qualification and at verifying compliance with the rules on work-related accidents for riders who worked for the main food delivery platforms (Foodinho srl, Glovo-Uber Eats Italy srl, Just Eat Italy srl, Deliveroo Italy srl) in the period 2017-2020.
The people in charge of inspection and control of workers have ascertained that all the riders analyzed are to be considered hetero-organized, despite the platform qualify most of them as self-employed. Therefore, Article 2 of Legislative Decree No. 81/2015 applies to them and they are the recipients of all employment legislation, including occupational health and safety legislation.
Food delivery platforms were ordered to proceed with the legal requalification of riders working in the reference period and to settle social security and insurance contributions.

Below are the press releases published by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office and the National Labour Inspectorate.